Introducing The Shum Language
A Language for Meditation

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ShumTyam. Welcome to The mystic universe is an amazing world within us. It is an universe connnected to the world around us and goes beyond the horizons of our physical dimension. In Shum Sanctuary you can explore the mystic dimension within yourself using various meditation techniques and advance the evolution of your spirituality step by step. 

The Shum language is really a meditation mapping tool to spiritual/mystic destinations. Shum categorises, explains, provides practices and develops spiritual goals from its nascent stages to the deepest levels possible while living embodied on Earth. As you might imagine there is an encylopaedic element to this site and also the practical aspect of teaching meditation techniques from aspirant to advance levels. 

During this sprouting period of I am working on the introductions to the language and building up the Shum Lexicon and site glossary. The core of the site which are the Shum meditation techniques will come after I have enlarged the Lexicon and glossary adequately. Shum meditations will be have beginner, intermediate and advance stages. I will also introduce meditation map calligraphic arts. 

If you have stumbled upon in your quest to learn meditation feel free to send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please share your interest with me and I wll keep you abrest on the latest developments on 

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