An advanced meditation technique that is used to cause the stimulation the kundalini that allows the meditatior to attain  states of spiritual enlightenment, including Emkaef, The Self-God. To learn this meditation the meditator must first master three different meditations and then combine them. It is a practice that builds the body to contain and control the kundalini.

Each of these three meditations sensitises our inner-senses to feel three streams of energy called rivers. They originate from the fourth chakra, sixth chakra and seventh chakra. When the Shum meditator has sufficiently mastered each of these meditations he learns a fouth meditation that combines these Three Rivers in the sixth chakra. The experience and immersive effect of the Three Rivers meditaiton is detailed in the RehNaDeeShum portrait to be revealed later as ShumSanctuary's construction continues.

This is an advanced meditation technique that must first receive prior qualification by a Shum meditation master as the culmination of the Three Rivers meditation is the arousal of the kundalini shakti–a potent spirtual energy that when active in a person's life causes acceleration of karmic consequence. This technique is reserved for meditatiors who yearn for Emkaef.

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