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What are meditation maps?

Meditation maps are charts that help us navigate the mind to reach mystic destinations. Rehnadee Shum meditation maps are essential to the practice of Shum meditation. A meditation map is a diagram, something like a mind map, with steps that lead to a goal. The steps and the goal are drawn as Rehnadee Shum words. Steps contain practices such as breath modulation, concentration exercises and visualisations that lead to the goal which is a mystic experience related to The Path of Enlightenment.

How many meditation maps are there?

Many and the total number will grow as more and more meditators use Rehnadee Shum for their meditations. Meditation maps are meditation aids or tools that help meditators progress in their mystic abilities in gradual and accumulative steps. There are general meditation maps that any meditator can learn and practice from Shum Sanctuary's online tutorials and there are also maps that are specifically tailored for individuals as may be required.

The Innerverse is also a vast realm of discoverable mystic experiences. As they are discovered these experiences will increase the vocabulary of Rehnadee Shum and in turn will also necessitate the creation of more meditation maps. Over time there can be hundreds of meditation maps if not more. These maps will become a timeless and valuable resource for all humanity.

The meditation maps are organised in the Rehandee Shum Lexicon by the levels they are attributed to. These levels are defined by the mystic ability required to attain the goal of the meditation.

How are meditation maps organised?

Meditation maps are organised into five levels of mystical prowess. The first level is level '0'. This is a study level with maps that elucidate Rehnadee Shum meditation goals, The Shum Perspective, The Culture of Meditation and other study that will provide the meditator with foundational knowledge necessary to the practice of Rehnadee Shum meditation.

Levels One to Five hold meditation maps for practice. Level One meditation maps is at the Beginner Level which focuses on developing Mystic Skills such as managing distracting thoughts, learning to visualise, learning simple breath modulation techniques among other skills. The goals of this level are about sensitising oneself to the subtle forces of the mind that animates its functions.

Level Two meditation maps is at the Intermediate Level. Here meditations building on the skills developed from Level One begin to explore States of Enlightenment. States of Enlightenment is an innovation in Rehnadee Shum that aggregates the experiences of enlightenment starting from this level. At this level Mystic Skills are honed and the meditator begins to develop Mystic Strength by attaining goals of enlightenment of this Level.

Level Three meditation maps brings the meditator to the Advanced Level where the goal of Emkaeef–the ultimate state of enlightenment–is sought after. Advanced Level meditations require the guidance of a Shum Master. Maps at this level need to be prescribed by the Shum Master to help the meditator achieve Emkaeef. They are less exploratory in nature and more tailored to attaining Emkaeef.

Level Four are meditation map of Shum Guides. At this level the maps become exploratory again as Mystic Strength is sought to develop the meditator spirituality to become a Shum Master.

Level Five are meditation maps of Shum Masters. They are thesis of their experiences and form the basis for innovations and insights on the Path of Enlightenment that lead to new branches toward the goal of Emkaeef.

How do you read a meditation map?

Here is a Beginner Level meditation map. All meditation maps have three parts to them. The first part contains the map's organisation information. The second part is the meditation up to the goal and the third part is the path to conclude the meditation.

Put in the Graphics

Meditation Map Organisation
carries the Map’s name which is SeeSimNa Shumnam.
It show’s that it is of Rehnadee Shum
and the meditation levels this map is for.
SeeSimNa Shumnam is a good meditation to start with for beginners and also good practice for Intermediate level meditators.
At the top are Map Organisation Information that gives the name and level of the map.

The Meditation Map
Meditation Maps are read from down to up.
The goal of this meditation, SeeSimNa is at the very top, which is also indicated by it being the biggest word in the map. Below it is all about getting there.
So, We start down here at LeeEeSee and follow the numbered flow lines to EeSee, RehLeeEeSee, VaSee, SimNa and back to EeSee and continue this meditation sequence.
The flow line to the goal has an arrow on it instead of a number. This indicates that this is the meditations eventual goal which is achieved with pratice.

Are there other types of meditation maps?

Level One to Five meditation maps follow the scheme described above. Level '0' maps are mind maps that help in learning concepts, philosophy and the nuts and bolts (such as the chakras, dimensions, etc.) of Rehnadee Shum meditation. These maps do not have either a numbered flow line or meditation goal as they are not meditations but study material.

Rehnadee Shum opens the mystic universe within you–The Innerverse–for exploration. Meditation maps are journeys to mystic destinations. 
With levels from wet behind the ears novice to Shum Master Rehnadee Shum meditation maps chronicles the meditator's spiritual evolution.