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Meditation Maps are the mainstay of Rehnadee Shum meditations. These maps are organised in the libraries as is listed below.

  Rehnadee Shum Academy

The Rehnadee Shum Academy contains educational meditation maps that elucidate the perspective and philosophy which empowers Rehnadee Shum as a language for meditation. They aslo provide overview on the processes and faculties in our mind, and the basics of Rehnadee Shum language–its Images (alphabets), syntax and word formation rules. The Academy is known as Level-0, indicating that it is the foundation for the practice of Rehnadee Shum meditation. 


Beginner Meditation Maps Library

The Beginner Maps are Level-1, where an aspiring mystic learns essential mystic skills which include sitting meditation pose, creating the meditation space, managing distractions in the mind while meditating, learning to visualise and simple breath modulation techniques. Meditators can expect to enjoy a quiet mind in mindfulness, the ability to visualise and the healthful affects of breathing exercises. Meditations at this level can be practiced by anyone even children and done as DIY following the instructions from written and video tutorials.


Intermediate Meditation Maps Library

The goals of the Intermediate Meditation Maps–Level 2, aims to grow the mystic's meditative sinews for maintaining concentration to achieve varied enlightenment states such as Pure Awareness, The Glow of the Mind and feeling the Cosmic Energy. One can also enjoy exploring the the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Dimensions of the Innerverse. This level is about ‘heartfulness' and exploration which is a keyword of this level, lets the meditator develop his or her mystic strengthSubconscious purification techniques where past encumbrances that can hold back ones spiritual progress are eked out and resolved in preparation for the next level of maps. Most of the maps of this level are open as DIY while others that are marked appropriately require the help of a Shum Guide or a Master.


Advanced Meditation Maps

Advanced Meditation Maps are Level-3.  At this level mystics occupy their effort with strategies to achieve the ultimate state of enlightenment–Emkaeef; . Learning meditation related to the kundalini and developing the strength to contain and direct its energy safely to channel it towards Emkaeef; means this level must be supervised by a Rehnadee Shum Master. Meditations at this level are focused on the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of the Innerverse. These Meditation Maps can be studied by all meditators but they can only be practiced with the guidance of a Rehnadee Shum Master who holds the keys to their practice.

  Shum Guide Meditation Maps

Shum Guide Meditation Map–Level 4, are maps for the post-enlightened. They are for advance mystics who have attained Emkaeef; and these maps embed the spiritual consequence of Emkaeef; within the mystic's consciousness. These mystics are Shum Guides. Spiritual evolution at this level is about growing a soul body and developing one's spiritual personality that will carry on into the spiritual realms. These maps explore all 10 Dimensions and they are inspirational reading for all meditators but their practice requires the guideance of a Rehnadee Shum Master.


Rehnadee Shum Master Meditation Maps

Aspirations, inspirations and innovations. The Rehnadee Shum Master Meditation Maps (Level 5) are literary works of Shum Masters and they are kept as collections organised as Rehnadee Shum Scripture. These maps are the springs of innovation for the development Rehnadee Shum. This library also houses aspirational and inspirational reading for mystics. 

Meditation Maps infuse the practice of meditation with a sense of adventure and exploration.



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