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Seemf in Rehnadee Shum is a mystic. The Meditation Maps in this stage develop ones meditative sinews for maintaining concentration to achieve entry-level enlightenment such as Pure Awareness, The Light, experiencing Cosmic Energy among others. One can also enjoy exploring the the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Dimensions of the Innerverse. If the previous level Na’a Rehnaa~ is about mindfulness, Seemf Rehnaa~ is about ‘heartfulness.’ Part of the steps in this level are subconscious purification practices where past encumbrances that may hold back ones spiritual progress are eked out and resolved. Some Meditation Maps of Seemf Rehnaa~ are open to progressing Na’a Rehnaa~ meditators without the need for a guide while others that are marked appropriately can only be learned with the help of a Shum Guide.

Intermediate Meditation Maps