Introducing The Shum Language
A Language for Meditation

Welcome to Shum Sanctuary, home of Rehnadee Shumm a dialect of the Shum language.


Shum.tyam, Welcome to Shum Sanctuary. My name is Guhanatha Swami and I want to introduce you to Rehnadee Shum, a language created by a mystic for mystics and aspiring mystics. 

Rehnadee Shum maps the mystic mind by naming mystical experiences and categorising them into Dimensions that are parallel to the spiritual chakras. The mystic universe–The Innerverse–is an amazing world within us. It is an universe connected to the world around us and also goes beyond the horizons of our physical dimension. In Shum Sanctuary you can explore the mystic universe within yourself through Rehnadee Shum meditations that lead you to mystic experiences using meditation maps. Meditation maps are the primary tool of Rehnadee Shum that meditators use to advance gradually on the Path of Enlightenment. Rehnadee Shum's organising of the Innerverse grants meditators the ability to chart adventurous mystic journeys that open the doors to enriching spiritual fulfillment.

Rehnadee Shum meditation maps chart a meditators journey from nascency to the deepest mystic levels possible. The effectiveness of Rehnadee Shum as a language for meditation is drawn from Shummef–The Shum Perspective. Shummef is a faculty of the mind that Rehnadee Shum meditators get into as they delve into the Innerverse following their meditation maps. You can learn more about The Shum Perspective in the Rehnadee Shum Lexicon. This Lexicon is the encylopaedic element of Shum Sanctuary that collects and organises Rehnadee Shum words and meditation maps. Exploring the lexicon is in itself a mystic experience as it lays out mystic landscapes and experiences of the Innerverse that Rehnadee Shum meditators can journey to. 

The Shum Perspective Meditation Map
An example of a Rehnadee Shum Meditation Map. This map is about the Shum Perspective, Shummef and its formative principles.

Rehnadee Shum is a dialect of the Shum language that I founded in 2021. I learned the Shum language from its creator The Late Sivaya Subramuniyaswami who was my guru through a decade-long discipleship in the 1990's. Rehnadee Shum and the Shum language I learned from my guru are equally functional as both are used to create meditation maps. The main difference between them are in the technicalities of word formation. The similarities and differences between Rehnadee Shum and my guru's Shum language is detailed in this article–Rehnadee Shum-A Dialect of Shum. In Shum Sanctuary, the word Shum always refers to the Rehnadee Shum dialect. is Rehnadee Shum's digital portal. Through Shum Sanctuary I want to share the efficacy of Rehnadee Shum as a meditation technique that will enrich your experience of life with the vast mystical horizons of the Innerverse. 

Rehnadee Shumm a dialect of the Shum language can be written as the images above.
The Image-Portrait (a type of Shum word) above reads Rehnadee Shum. It is also the logo of Shum Sanctuary.