Introducing The Shum Language
A Language for Meditation

Welcome to Shum Sanctuary, home of Rehnadee Shumm a dialect of the Shum language.


Shum.tyam, Welcome to Shum Sanctuary. My name is Guhanatha Swami and I want to introduce you to the Shum language. A language created especially for meditators who aspire to become mystics. 

The primary goal of the Shum language is to map the mystic mind by naming mystical experiences and categorising them into dimensions that are parallel to the spiritual chakra system. The mystic universe is an amazing world within us. It is an universe connnected to the world around us and also goes beyond the horizons of our physical dimension. In Shum Sanctuary you can explore the mystic dimension within yourself using various Shum meditations which provide instructions on how different mystic experiences are achieved and helps you to advance your spirituality step by step. Shum's organising of the mystic universe–The Innerverse–grants meditators the ability to chart adventurous mystic journeys and evolve spiritually.

The main tool of the Shum language are meditation maps. These maps chart a Shum meditators path from nascency to the deepest mystic levels possible. The Shum language is powered by the Shum Perspective–Shummef. Shummef is the vehicle or portal that we use to explore the Innerverse. The Shum Lexicon is the encylopaedic element of this site that lists and collects Shum words and meditation maps. Exploring the lexicon is a mystic experience on its own as it lays out mystic landscapes and possibilities that lie within our Innerverse. 

An example of a Shum meditation map.
An example of a Shum Meditation Map. This map is about the Shum Perspective, Shummef and its formative principles. Learn more about Shum Meditation Maps in the Glossary and Lexicon.

I studied Shum from its creator who was my guru through a decade-long discipleship in the 90's. Since then I have created a new dialect of Shum called Rehnadee Shum. is a portal for this dialect of Shum. Through Shum Sanctuary I want to share the efficacy of this language as a meditation technique and introduce you to dimensions of human experience that will enrich your life with with  The Innerverse

Rehnadee Shumm a dialect of the Shum language can be written as the images above.
Both the Shum Image-Portraits above read Rehnadee Shum. The number 7 in the blue box represents the Dimension Count of this Shum word. The Dimension Count is an unique feature of the Shum language that aids in meditation.


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