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Guhanatha Swami
Founder and Webmaster, Shum Sanctuary
Guhanatha Swami is the Founder of Shum Sanctuary and the principal author of the site's content. His spiritual journey led him to the creation Shum Sanctuary as a means of sharing the Path of Enlightenment with the world. You can connect with him through Shum Sanctuary's contact page. His spiritual journey that led him to his guru and his subsequent introduction to the Shum language is chronicled in the the following article: How A Language Inspired My Spiritual Journey.
The Shum Lexicon is a collection of all the Shum words that you will find in ShumSanctuary.com. The words are explained in the lexicon according to the structure and syntax of RehNaDee Shumm dialect o...
The resources of Shumsanctuary.com encompass its Glossary and Publications.
Guhanatha Swami the author and webmaster of Shumsanctuary.com introduces the Shum language, a language created for meditators like you to help you progress in your spiritual effort and develop your my...