14 Dimensions, 10 Dimensions of Shum, Tyaeef Dimensions

In Shum Sanctuary the word dimension refers to levels of existence which begin from the first dimension and goes up to the fourteenth dimension. These dimensions exists within each other and are grouped into three concepts of existence–these being physical-astral, astral-spiritual and actinic-spiritual. In Shum Sanctuary these concepts correlate with The Universe, The Innerverse and The Multiverse. The Universe operates from the first dimension through to the fifth dimension. The Innerverse operates from the first dimension through to the tenth dimension and the Multiverse is from the tenth dimension through to the fouteenth dimension. 

The Universe is where we identify ourselves primarily as our physical body. As our given name or nick-name, honorifics, titles so we are. Our life revolves mainly around the world of people, animals, places and things on Earth. It also includes life in dimensions of the astral planes closest to Earth. Of the first five dimensions of the Universe, its operations are centered mainly within the first three dimensions. The fourth and fifth dimension are much more imbued by the Innerverse by ever greater overlaps. 

The Innerverse starts exclusively from the sixth dimension to the tenth dimension, however it also operates from the first dimension to the fifth dimension through overlaps. The simplest way to define the Innerverse is as the Universe of our mind. Where our mind operates through sensing, reasoning, remembering and conjuring is the Innerverse. The Shum language is used to explore the Innerverse and becomes most relevant from the fourth dimension through to the 10 dimension. 

The Multiverse starts exclusively from the eleventh dimension with an overlap in the tenth dimension. These are dimensions where elements of the Pre-Creation and  Apex-Creation forces can be experienced. However is only possible when we are disembodied and living as a soul being (actinic-spirituality). These dimensions are beyond the reach of the Shum language except for overlaps of the Multiverse in the tenth dimension. The Tyaeef language was created by my guru to use in these dimensions, though our possilbe experience of these highly rarified dimensions is very limited making the development of the Tyaeef language on Earth impracticle. 

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