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The 14 Dimensions

In Shum Sanctuary the word dimension (or Dimension, with capital D) refers to all of Creation that is filtered into levels called Dimensions. There are 14 Dimensions in Rehnadee Shum's Cosmology. The First Dimension is the densest part of Creation that is the world around us. The 14th Dimension is at the Apex of Creation–from whence it all came forth. Between the 1st and the 14th Dimensions are dimensions that are gradually more spiritual and these are grouped into three states of existence–these being physical-astral (The Universe), astral-spiritual (The Innerverse) and actinic-spiritual (The Multiverse). The Universe dominates the first three dimensions and dilutes gradually in the following two dimensions. The Innerverse operates from the First Dimension through to the Tenth Dimension, with it being exclusive from the 6th Dimension to the 9th Dimension. The Multiverse is from the Tenth Dimension through to the Fouteenth Dimension. 


The 10 Dimensions of Rehnadee Shum

The Universe is where we identify ourselves primarily as our physical body. We are our given name or nick-name, honorifics and titles. Here our experience revolves around the world of people, animals, places and things on Earth. It also includes experiences in dimensions of the astral planes closest to Earth (where ancestors and elemental beings exist). Of the first five dimensions of the Universe, its forces dominate mainly within the first three dimensions. The fourth and fifth dimension are much more imbued by the Innerverse by ever greater overlaps. 

The Innerverse begins in tandem with the Universe from the First to the Fifth Dimension and starts exclusively from the Sixth through to the Tenth Dimension. The Innerverse is the Universe of The Mind and the Mystic Universe within us. All the faculties of our mind such as memory, intellect, our personality and our spirituality is the Innerverse. The Shum language is used to explore The Innerverse and just as we use other languages to explore The Universe. 

Rehnadee Shum is used to name and categorise elements and experiences within our mind and spirituality from the first dimension to the 10 dimension. Much of our mind that relates to The Universe is covered by modern psychology and psychiatry and we understand them naturally through our life experiences. In Rehnadee Shum's Dimensions this covers the first four dimensions. Beyond this the Mystic Universe that relates to States of Enlightenment and our spiritual being. From the Fifth Dimension through to the Tenth Dimension of the Innververse Rehnadee Shum operates exclusively with little or no correlation with other world languages.   


Multiverse Dimensions

The Multiverse starts from the Tenth Dimension overlapping with the Innerverse.The 11th Dimension to the 14th Dimension is the Multiverse. These are dimensions where elements of the Pre-Creation and  Apex-Creation forces exist. This are dimensions beyond human experiences, even for an advanced mystic because it is only possible to access them through the soul body that is unencumbered by a physical body. In other words only an advanced mystic who has passed on has access to these rarified dimensions. Thus they are beyond the reach of the Shum language save some overlaps with the Multiverse in the Tenth Dimension.

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