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Shum Sanctuary or Shumsanctuary.com is a website dedicated to the practice of meditation and elucidation of mystic experience. My website is a portal for me (Guhanatha Swami) to connect with other mystics and aspirants of meditation. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") is mainly to comply with the European GDPR requirements.

The site does collect information that you provide in the contact form and login information. This information is as follows in the contact and registration form:

• Contact information: Name, Email address, Phone Number
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• Photos or other images, such as profile image or other diagrams such as Shum maps.
• Receipts of money transactions for donations made to the website or purchases of products bought from the website.
• Search queries to improve site content.

Shumsanctuary.com and I are committed to keep all these information confidential and not share them with any entity for any purpose unless expressed permission from you is gotten by me. All necessary steps within my means as the owner of this website will be taken to avoid data breaches. In event there is such a breach you will be notified immediately by email. I or my website will not rent nor sell any user information to third parties, but we may disclose information to respond to legal or government sanctioned processes that I or the site cannot reject without adverse legal or financial consequences to myself or the website.

You may request a digital copy of all the data stored by the website that belongs to you by contacting me directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you want to review the information you provided the website and request for deletion of any or all of the information this can be done and I assure you that no copy of such information will be kept by the website or me.

For your information Shumsanctuary.com does not use cookies. My website is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for its users and applies necessary security measures to block malware and prevent breaches.

Shumsanctuary.com does use web analytics to track and analyse the the volume of traffic entering the website and understand usage patterns within the website. The site uses Google Analytics and if you wish to disable cookies or other tracking that Google Analytics apply please refer to your favourite web browsers settings to block the browsers or check Google Analytics for more information.

Shumsanctuary.com may at some point use advertising services such as Google Adsense on some or all the pages of the website, at which point the site will provide European GDPR required ability to manage cookies on site.

Shumsanctuary.com does not collect these information from anybody:

• Credit Card information
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Shumsanctuary.com may revise this Privacy Policy, for example, to reflect changes in the law, our practices, or the features of the Services. I will notify you before the site makes any substantial changes to the way the site manages information it collects and give you the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using the site and its services. Any changes to the site’s Privacy Policy will be reflected on the top of this Privacy Policy with a date and version. Please periodically review this Privacy Policy so that you are up to date on our most current policies and practices.

Founder and Webmaster, Shum Sanctuary
Guhanatha Swami is the Founder of Shum Sanctuary and the principal author of the site's content. His spiritual journey led him to the creation Shum Sanctuary as a means of sharing the Path of Enlightenment with the world. You can connect with him through Shum Sanctuary's contact page. His spiritual journey that led him to his guru and his subsequent introduction to the Shum language is chronicled in the the following article: How A Language Inspired My Spiritual Journey.

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