The Self-God, Imagery

At the core of all Shum meditation is Emkaef. Emkaef lies at the brink of the spring of consciousness and all Creation, beyond Emkaef is the nothing from which the Universe comes into being. Across the spritual-mystic traditions of the East 'nothingness' is the most sought after goal of meditation and so it is in Shum meidtation too. 

Emkaef is defined as the Opposite-of-Consciousness. Where Em means the-opposite-of and Kaef is pure consciousness (consciousness aware only of itself). Emkaef is of the 14th dimension and it is the singular Shum word that holds a dimension count of more than 10. 

Emkaef is a parradox. If you can accept that the world around us came out of nothing–that that nothing is the source of this vast universe, that before the creation of this universe there was no conciousness to record the history of that nothing–if you can hold the significance and consequences of these thoughts in your mind, then you can simulate the experience of Emkaef. Another way to simulate the experience of Emkaef is as my guru had instructed in his talk–The Self-God. He said, if you can imagine infront of you–nothing, to the back of you–nothing, to your left–nothing, to your right–nothing, above you–nothing, below you–nothing, then imagine your being dissolving into that nothingness, yet that nothingingness is not the absence of something but the fullness of everything, you can have a sense of Emkaef–The Self-God.

These are just simulations of the experience of Emkaef. To have the real experience requires extensive preparation of the body, mind and spirit to first achieve the awakening of the kundalini shakti and then to direct kundalini to break the seal of the brahmarandhra at the crown of the head so kundalini can carry consciousness into the 14th dimension. To goal of Emkaef looms in the mind of the Shum meditator during the intermediate stage of meditation. As they advance in this stage the goal of Emkaef turns to a desire as an innate sense of need for the experience becomes stronger and stronger. Challenges to progress in meditation will also become more intense and at this stage the guidance of a guru who has himself or herself achieved Emkaef will be of great benefit.

The attainment of Emkaef however needs to be recognised as it is not as straight-forward as getting something or feeling something. How would you say that you had experienced 'nothing.' There are no senses spiritual or physical that could ever feel something out of nothing. The experience of Emkaef is actually recognised by understanding its consequence to the mind and this only happens after many experiences of Emkaef. Realising that one has attained The Self-God is in itself a part of ones Shum spiritual journey. Even for me realizing that I had attained Emkaef took a couple of years. 

Shumef the Shum perspective has Emkaef as the ultimate goal of Shum meditators. My Guru had told me, "The Self–Emkaef does not make you great, it makes you complete." Shumef holds that the purpose of life on Earth is to grow spiritually and this spiritual journey on Earth can be completed with the attainment of Emkaef. 

Emkaef grants us access to all faculties of our mind and while we may be familiar with much of the capabilities of our mind relating to this world the capabilities and possibilities of experience and adventure in the spiritual realms can only be fully enjoyed after one has immersed in Emkaef.

RehNaDeeShum follows MaMaDeeShum in its use of the word Emkaef but the portraits are different.

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