The Innerverse is the the universe we can sense within us and is a juxtaposition to the Universe which is the world we can sense outside us. The established languages in the world are based on the Universe and our interaction and relationship to it. As far as the Innerverse goes there is only the Shum language. Languages have the power to establish reality. For instance when we discover something new the first order of business is to name it. From naming arises perception and from perception arises explanation. So when a baby is born a name is chosen. Its name will contain our perception of the baby from which we can talk about the child. Just like that our understanding of the Universe grows with vocabulary. Likewise the Shum language estabishes the reality of the Innerverse and as our Shum vocabulary grows the Innerverse within us expands. 

The Innerverse simply put is the world we find ourselves in when we introspect or close our eyes and concentrate on what we sense within the world-of-the-shut-eye. The basic experiences of the Innerverse involve our thoughts and feelings related to the past, present or future and also our dreams when we sleep. Ths Shum language does explore these levels of the Innerverse however the main reason for the creation of the Shum language is to go beyond these levels to the 'higher planes' of the Innerverse and experience the wonders of the mystic world. This is done through meditating in Shum–ShumNamm. 

When you get to exploring the Innerverse through ShumNamm,  you will be awed by its vastness and you will develop senses beyond the five senses. These are refined senses related to our spiritual bodies that can feel and experience the dimensions beyond the Universe. The fullness of experience that you can have when you explore the dimensions beyond the 3rd dimension is literally out of this world. The Shum language provides the framework for the exploration of these dimensions and establishes the reality of these experiences and allows us to be able to return to them. 

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