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LeefLeeLeefNa is the Shum Compendium for Kundalini energy in its different stages of following the progress of a mystic.

LeefNa is the Sixth Dimensional Image-Portrat of Kundalini in its dormant and beginning stage 

LeefNa is the Kundalini energy in its dormant and initial activation phase.

LeeLeefNa is the Seventh Dimensional Image-Portrat of Kundalini after Emkaef has been attained 

LeeLeefNa is Kundalini energy after Emkaef has been attained.

LeefLeeLeefNa is the 11th Dimensional Image-Portrat of Kundalini seated in the 11 dimension on the crown of the soul body 

LeefLeeLeefNa is Kundalini seated in the 11 dimension on the crown of the soul body.

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