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Rehnadee Shum is a language dedicated to the world of the mystic, it is a tool for mystics to explore mysticism and advance in their spirituality. Seemf in Rehnadee Shum is a mystic. Seemf is defined as a person who feels their mystical side as an integral part of their life. They are driven to explore their spirituality for themselves. They are not just curious about mysticism, they are also eager for mystical experience, and it inspires them to look for ways and means to learn about mysticism and unlock this dimension of their life.

Mystic Mind, The Innerverse

The Mystic Mind is part of ourself no different than our personality, emotions and intellect. We access this part of the mind through meditation on the spiritual chakras that are situated along our spinal column and in the brain. Within these chakras are dimensions of spirituality that hold mystical experiences connected to the Path of Enlightenment.

In Shum Sanctuary the Mystic Mind is called The Innerverse which when juxtaposed withTthe Universe which is the world around us, is the world as we experience it in our mind–for instance when we close we close our eyes to introspect. The Innerverse is intricately connected with the Universe and also our spirituality. We experience the connection of the Innerverse to the Universe when we dream in sleep. What we experience in our dream usually relates to our daily life. The mystic realms of the Innerverse is connected to our spirituality.

The cosmology of Rehnadee Shum is contained in the Shum Portrait SuhSeemfNaKaee. This Shum Portrait defines existence or the whole of creation into three realms–The Universe, The Innerverse and The Multiverse. This cosmology is further divided into 14 Dimensions. The Universe and Innerverse are contained in the first 10 dimensions, these dimensions are related to 10 corresponding chakras within us. The Innerverse starts from the 4th Chakra and reaches up to the 10th Chakra. Shum meditations opens this inner world that is filled with mystical experiences and States of Enlightenment to us.

Mystic Levels

In Rehnadee Shum spiritual evolution is gauged by the progress of Shum meditators through 5 Levels of mysticism. These Levels are organised according to the path laid out in Rehnadee Shum’s Path of Enlightenment. It starts from a beginner who must first learn mystic skills and then progresses into the following level where Mystic Strength is developed in the Intermediate Level. The next level is the Advanced Level where the goal is to achieve the ultimate State of Enlightenment–Emkaeef. Following the Advanced Level are two Post Enlightenment Levels where a Shum meditator progresses to a Shum Guide and then to a Shum Master. Meditation map libraries are organised using these levels. The following links open their corresponding meditation map libraries:
Beginner Level Map Library
Intermediate Level Map Library
Advanced Level Map Library
Shum Guide Level Map Library
Shum Master Level Map Library 


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Guhanatha Swami is the Founder of Shum Sanctuary and the principal author of the site's content. His spiritual journey led him to the creation Shum Sanctuary as a means of sharing the Path of Enlightenment with the world. You can connect with him through Shum Sanctuary's contact page. His spiritual journey that led him to his guru and his subsequent introduction to the Shum language is chronicled in the the following article: How A Language Inspired My Spiritual Journey.

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