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 Rehnaa, the Shum Meditator

Rehnaa is a Fourth Dimensional Image-Portrait that names a Shum meditator. A Rehnadee Shum meditator is a Rehnaa. As level '0', Meditation Maps of Rehnaa teaches about spiritual development, meditation goals, philosophy and methods employed in Rehnadee Shum. Including Rehnaa there are four levels starting from a Beginner–a Na'a Rehnaa, to an Intermediate Mystic–a Seemf Rehnaa~, to an Advanced Mystic– a Na'ammseemf. RehNaa~ . After these levels are the Shum Guide and Shum Master levels. 



Na'a Rehnaa~ , The Beginner Shum Meditator

Na’a Rehnaa~ is a Fourth Dimensional Image-Portrait for an aspiring mystic who is a novice. Meditations at this level focus on skills such as learning to sit in meditation, breathing exercises and concentration exercises. At this level the meditators can expect to enjoy learning to quiet the mind in mindfulness, the ability to visualise and the healthful affects of breathing exercises. From the Shum Perspective Na’a Rehnaa~ is about establishing the Fourth Dimension in the consciousness of the meditator. To achieve this a Rehnaa masters skills to calm and quiet the mind in the first three dimensions below. Na’a Rehnaa~ is open to all aspiring mystics as a DIY. Anyone can freely try and enjoy the Meditation Maps at this level and Shum Guides of any level can help Rehnaas with these meditations.



 Seemf RehNaa~, A Shum meditator who is getting a hang of the ropes, an intermediate.

Seemf Rehnaa~ is a Fifth Dimensional Image-Portrait where intermediate level Shum Meditation Maps are organised. Seemf in Rehnadee Shum is a mystic. In this level the meditator is established in the Fourth Dimension and is able to foray into Fifth and Sixth Dimensions of the Innerverse. The Meditation Maps in this stage develop ones meditative sinews in maintaining concentration to achieve entry-levels of enlightenment. Pure Awareness, The Light, experiencing Cosmic Energy are among the mystic goals of this level. One can also enjoy exploring the the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Dimensions in this level. If the previous level Na’a Rehnaa~ is about mindfulness, Seemf Rehnaa~ is about ‘heartfulness.’ Part of the steps in this level are subconscious purification practices where past encumbrances that may hold back ones spiritual progress are eked out and resolved. Some Meditation Maps of Seemf Rehnaa~ are freely open to progressing Na’a Rehnaa~ meditators on their own while others that are marked appropriately can only be learned with the guidance of a Shum Guide. 



 Na'ammseemf. RehNaa~, an advanced Shum mediatator.

Na’amseemf. Rehnaa~ is a Seventh Dimensional Image-Portrait that holds advanced level Shum Meditation Maps. In this level the mystics occupy their effort with strategies to achieve the ultimate state of enlightenment–Emkaeef; . Learning to master kundalini and developing the strength to contain and direct its energy safely to channel it towards Emkaeef; means this level must be supervised by a Shum Guide. Meditations at this level are focused on the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions. These Meditation Maps can be studied by all Rehnaas but they cannot be practiced without guidance from a qualified Shum Guide who will hold in secret the key to their practice. To be a Na’amseemf. Rehnaa~ requires dedication to ones practice of meditation and their strategies to achieve enlightenment goals sometimes requires personalised Meditation Maps that are created by higher level Shum Guides. When given permission from higher level guides or masters Shum mystics who are in Na’amseemf Rehnaa~ can be novice guides for those in Na’a Rehnaa~ and can also teach Rehnaa Meditation Maps.




Va.na'ammseemf.  is an advanced Shum mystic who is eligible to become a Shum Guide.


Va.na’amseemf. is an Eight Dimensional Image-Portrait that holds higher advanced Meditation Maps. They are for mystics who have achieved Emkaeef; and are in the process of establishing this state of enlightenment in their being. Spiritual evolution at this level is about growing a soul body and developing an eternal spiritual personality that will carry on into the spiritual realms. At this level all the 10 Dimensions are open for exploration. Va.na’amseemfs can create Meditation Maps for themselves and others. They can be guides for mystics from Seemf Rehnaa~ and below. They can also be facilitators for Reh;see'ems who guide those in Na’amseemf. Rehnaa~ . 




Rehsee'em The Shum Master

Reh;see’em is a Ninth Dimension Image-Portrait that is at the pinnacle of spiritual evolution. To become a Reh;see’em the soul body of the mystic must complete its growth on earth. This achievement can only be recognised by other Reh;see'ems. A Reh;see’em can be admitted into the Shum Council–A body that is the Keeper of Rehnadee Shum. The Shum Council will be vested with the authority to create new Portraits, maintain and innovate Rehnadee Shum. Reh;see’ems are the ultimate gurus or Shum Masters who can guide all levels of Shum mystics.


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