The 10 Dimensions of Shum organises the world around us and within us into planes of existence based on the location and function of the spiritual chakras. The Shum Compendium SeeUngLeeKa.EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. contains these 10 dimensions. This is the longest Shum word there is in RehNaDee Shum. There are four more dimensions beyond the these ten which are covered in the Tyaeef language. 

The First Dimension

1st Dimension of Shum-Rehm.

The Universe. The First Dimension of Shum is the part of our physical world that we cannot see, touch or sense with our five senses.  Simply put it is what is inside of things. This includes microscopic life and elements, closed up things, that which is too far away to see and such. 

For instance if we see a closed door to a room, what is behind the door is of the First Dimension. If the door is open and we can see inside the room, than it is no more in the First Dimension but instead becomes of the the Second Dimension.The First Dimension is the underlying foundation of the Second dimension, it enlivens the Second Dimension so we can experience the world as we know it. All the organs in our body, the chemical and physical processes that keep us living are contained in the First Dimension. So are the macro laws of nature that order planetary and cosmic systems such as gravity and energy but not time and quantum laws. Rehm.  is explored mainly through the scientific perspective–SimNef. Technologies are developed by exploring this dimension.

The spiritual portal of the First Dimension is NammLinAa, the First Chakra. Within it is contained the potent spiritual force–Kundalini and the masculine energy of the Pingala Nadi. NammLinAa is a seventh dimensional portrait because of its containment of the Kundalini force. In MaMaDee Shum the First Dimension is AaRehmOoShum.


The Second Dimension

2nd Dimension of Shum-Ja.Rehm.

The Universe. Life on Earth as we experience it. This is the realm of the five senses that form our most basic perception. A child's world aptly describes this dimension. Our exploration of this world is with the five senses and our basic reactions develop our rudimentary intelligence and personality. All emotions that have polarity such as happiness and sadness, calmness and turbulence are of Ja.Rehm. .

Ja.Rehm. shows off the effects of the laws of Creation with finishing. Underneath the beauty of nature that we experience in Ja.Rehm. are its primordial laws that put it all together. Herein too we can experience the cycles of creation, preservation and destruction which also makes us perceive time instinctively. Procreation, birth, growing up and aging are part of this vast realm. Ja.Rehm. can be explored through the SimNef, Moomlef and Shumef perspectives.

The Second Dimension is often the starting point for Shum meiditations. We can use anything that we see, feel, smell, touch or hear as a starting point for meditations. All beginner level ShumNamm use start from Ja.Rehm. and reach upto the Fourth Dimension. However for an adept meditator Ja.Rehm. meditations can reach the highest heights of spirituality as Kundalini Shakti is stimulated by this dimension.. 

The spiritual portal of the Second Dimension is MaaLinAa and is a 6th dimensional portrait as it holds the ability to activate Kundalini. Within it is contained the spiritual force of the feminine energy of the Ida Nadi. The Ida Nadi is the source of procreation and the desire for abundance and accumulation. Much of life revolves around Ja.Rehm. . In MaMaDee Shum the Second Dimension is SeeAaVumNee.


The Third Dimension

3rd Dimension of Shum-TiiJa.Rehm.

The Universe. The Third Dimension, TiiJa.Rehm. is the realm of thoughts and perceptions. In TiiJa.Rehm. our personality matures through education, curiosity and experience. Here our personality forms around our identity as our name, titles, achievements and history. Here we can develop an internal identity for ourselves and an external one for the world around us to perceive. While much of our First and Second dimensional life is set at birth by our genetics and karmas we bring into a life, in TiiJa.Rehm. we can expand our abilities through learning, developing skills, forming opinions, building relationships and innovating throgh science, philosophy and art. 

Our life as human beings happens in TiiJa.Rehm. and it differentiates us from animals, plants and the elements. Elements that form the building blocks of the Universe are mainly of Rehm. . Plants are half and half of Rehm. and Ja.Rehm. while animals mainly live in Ja.Rehm. with limited capabilities relating to TiiJa.Rehm. We humans are privileged to have full access to all three dimensions of the Universe.The bulk of our personality is formed here by putting together culture, work, talents, ambition and personal preferences. 

It is in TiiJa.Rehm. that human law is crafted. Laws or principles governing human community, tribalism, statehood, nationhood are developed in TiiJa.Rehm. This dimension is also home to the scientific mind as human curiosity leads to discoveries. Scientific inquiry, debate and techniques are developed in TiiJa.Rehm. . The force of will or the willpower to move the First and Second Dimensions to do all the things we do as humans–from building civilzations, developing technology and arts to growing a family is sourced from TiiJa.Rehm. Our experience of time is refined in human terms through the creation of calenders and clocks.

The state of health of our body and mind is managed in TiiJa.Rehm. The spiritual portal of TiiJa.Rehm is SeeeLinAa. SeeeLinAa is a massive networking chakra connecting and interconnecting with the first and second chakras below it and the fourth and fifth chakras above it. SeeeLinAa is a 5th dimensional portrait and is connected to the Pingala Nadi. From the Shum perspective meditations that start here and reach up to the higher dimensions can return back to this dimension to bring inspiration and energy for innovations, willpower and health. In MaMaDee Shum the Third Dimension is RehOoNeeShum.


The Fourth Dimension

 4th Dimension of Shum-Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Uni-Innerverse. The Fourth Dimension, Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the realm of the heart, where love and devotion guide life and is also the spring of inspiration. The Fourth Dimension is a juxtaposition of the Third Dimension just as the Second Dimension is a juxtaposition of the First Dimension. The First Dimension is about the hidden inside, whereas the Second Dimension is about the sensed outside. The Third Dimension is about objectivity and reason whereas the Fourth Dimension is about subjectivity and love. In Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm. we are able to temper life with love and care. This realm is the seat of our humanity through which communal living is fostered with traditions and culture. 

Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the inspirational spring of all religion and human community. Poetry, song, stories, lore, myth, legends find their source in this dimension, so are dedication, loyalty to family and larger community such as to religious community, race or nationality. The well of human creativity and ingenuity is to be found in Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm. Our desire for progress, the fortitude to overcome challenges–the power of the indomitable spirit come out of this dimension. 

As the Uni-Innerverse Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm is an overlap dimension that is mostly of the Universe and partly of the Innerverse. The fruition of devotion and sincerity in life leads one to the nascent realm of the Innerverse to be found here. Beginner Shum meditations usually focus on exploring Tyay.TiiJa.Rehm. . These meditations lead to spiritually fulfilling and blissful experiences that are precursors to the ability to access the higher dimensions of the Innerverse. Thus they are foundational practices in ShumNamm. 

The spiritual portal of the Fourth Dimension is Va.LinAa which is also a 4th dimensional image-portrait. This chakra is at the foundation level of the Innerverse just as the 1st chakra, NammLinAa sits at the foundation level of the Universe. This chakra is connected to the feminine Ida Nadi. There is another Nadi that runs through our entire spinal column that goes through all the chakras up to the crown chakra on the head (the 7th) called the Sushumna Nadi. We can experience this Nadi through meditation focused on Va.LinAa . In MaMaDee Shum the Fourth Dimension is SimVumKaMee.



The Fifth Dimension

5th Dimension of Shum-EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Inner-Universe. The Fifth Dimension, EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the stepping stone to the mystic universe–The Innnerverse. The hallmarks of this dimension are the desire to seek mystical meaning to life, the desire for spiritual enlightenment, global activism for the betterment of humanity and the planet, volunteerism, non-violent attitudes and beliefs and communication with beings of the Innerverse. 

EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is a realm of mystic spaces. Here vast halls exist as spaces of congregation for beings of the Innerverse and the Universe. Councils are formed among these beings to develop humanity in all aspects of life–spirituality, philosophy, sciences, arts, myths, fiction and even superstitions. Springs of innovation and creativity orginate from this dimension as moments of brilliance–such as eureka moments. The Shum language for instance came into being through EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. . My inspiration to develop RehNaDee Shum with all its syntax and rules springs from a congregation of beings who meet in the Fifth Dimension headed by Guru Omkar.

EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm also holds our accumulated talents from past lives–generational talents, prodigy phenomenon, natural or unlearned talents and skills. The reality of the Innerverse and its vastness becomes apparent through Fifth dimensional experiences. Here religion gives way to spirituality; devotion to ones chosen Deity or God evolve from belief or faith to one based on unshakeable touching spiritual experiences. 

From Shumef, EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the foundation of Shum meditations beyond beginner levels. Fifth Dimensionsal Shum words are usually meditation techniques involving all sorts of breathing techniques, hatha yoga exercises or mind exercises that take time and dedication to come to fruition. These meditation techniques are meant to gradually develop the strenght of the first six chakras to be able to contain the force of kundalini as it rises from the first chakra to the seventh chakra and beyond. These techniques are essential to attain Emkaef. 

The spiritual portal of EeTyay.TiiJaRehm.  is YaLinAa which is a 5th dimensional portrait and is essentially a bridge between the 4th and the 6th dimensions. The masculine Pingala Nadi runs through this chakra. Situated at a deeper level of the Innerverse ones natural experience of YaLinAa is dependent of past lives. People who are mystically inclined often have natural access to YaLinAa, otherwise this chakra is elusive to materialistic people. To experience EeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. the 4th chakra, Va.LinAa must first mature through ethical maturity and other meditation techniques. The tongue is an important organ for YaLinAa is often used inconjuction with 5th dimensional Shum portraits. In MaMaDee Shum the Fifth Dimension is LingIngDaShum.



The Sixth Dimension

6th Dimension of Shum-LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Innerverse. The Sixth Dimension, LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is the first purely spiritual realm of our world. In this mystic realm a sense of being that is free from the tugs and tribulations of the Universe is felt and where our consciousness exists as an entity unto itself that can associate or be diassociated with the body and mind. Shum language is especially invaluable in LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.  and the dimensions beyond it because the senses that are used and experiences to be had in these dimensions are of the soul and different compared with the senses we use to explore the Universe. Shum language is required to name the extra sensory perception related to the Innerverse.  

The Innerverse that starts in LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.  and reaches up to the Tenth Dimension is the playground of mystics. Shum meditations that start from the Sixth dimension is for those who are well advanced in their meditative ablilities. For those aspirants of Shum meditation who are beginners and at the intermediate levels experiences of this and the Seventh Dimension are the goals of their Shum meditation. Sixth Dimensional meditation goals confer spritual enlightenment at the rudimentary level and are important milestones to becoming an adept mystic.

When I was learning Shum meditations with my guru, he would teach his followers to first experience the most basic state of spiritual enlightenment–which in Shum is Kaef, a Sixth Dimensional experience of spiritual enlightenment. Kaef he taught us was simply awareness aware of itself. He would also call it pure consciousness. It is a simple concept and you can glimpse Kaef even if only for just a moment by concentrating on its definition. However to trully enjoy the experience of Kaef one must become comfortable in holding this moment for a period of time in LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. . The experience of Kaef can then evolve into its myriad evolutes of spiritual enlightenment which filter into our embodied being as feelings of inspiration, exhileration and bliss.

Another important function of LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is that it is the office of the guru. Who is to be the guru for an aspirant of spiritual enlightenment is determined in this dimension. This happens naturally when a seeker begins to ponder deeply on the purpose of life or has the desire to look for the reality of God or Godliness. Spiritual gurus can function to guide an aspirant through the sixth dimension. They can use the metaphysical powers of this dimension to manipulate the cycle of karma of an aspirant–usually to speed up their spiritual evolution and bring them to the ultimate level of spiritual enlightenment, Emkaef.

The spiritual portal of LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is the 6th dimensional image-portrait HumLinAa. HumlLinAa which is also know as the third-eye chakra is as its dimension suggests essential to spiritual enlightenment. It exists in two states, pre-Emkaef and post-Emkaef. Before Emkaef is attained HumLinAa is a chakra like all the preceeding chakras before it. In this state HumLinAa is key to the timely ignition of the kundalini energy. Kundalini rises from the base of the spine to empower HumLinAa which eventually culminates in Emkaef. After Emkaef HumLinAa gradually becomes fused with the Seventh Chakra and becomes HummLinAa, a 7th dimensional image-portrait and becomes part of the Seventh Dimension. The feminine Ida Nadi's final destination is LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. . In MaMaDee Shum the Sixth Dimension is IngMuhLeemNee.


The Seventh Dimension

7th Dimension of Shum-Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Innerverse. The Seventh Dimension Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is like the Sixth Dimension a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. In many respects the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions are one and the same but for a significant shift in perspective that marks the emergence of Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm in the life of a mystic. This shift in perspective is brought about by the experience of Emkaef which confers to a meditator complete spiritual enlightenment. Emkaef is a 14th Dimensional experience that is achieved through the spritual evolution of the mystic that occurs in the Sixth Dimension. 

Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is more of a portal to the dimensions of the innerverse proceeding it. Until the experience of Emkaef is attained a mystic's reach is only up to the Sixth Dimension. If anything the only experience of the Seventh Dimension that is possible at this point is a sense of being blocked from the deeper Innerverse. This feeling creates a yearning for the attainment of Emkaef. To traverse the process of spiritual evolution at this stage an adept guru's guide is essential. 

After Emkaef the Seventh Dimension blooms. At first the Sixth Dimension gradually incorporates into the Seventh Dimension–what this means is that experiences that were once goals of meditation becomes the base of a mystics consciousness. As this process of spiritual evolution progresses Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.  opens the mystic to the higher dimensions of the Innerverse–The Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Dimensions. Access to these dimensions of the Innerverse begins a new life for a mystic and one that will continue unimpeded even after the death of the physical body. 

The spiritual portal of Ka.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the 7th dimensional image-portrait Aum LinAa~. Aum LinAa~ is a massive chakra. In Sanskrit it is the 1000-petaled-lotus Sahasrara chakra. Aum LinAa~ like the 6th chakra Hum LInAa has pre and post Emkaef states. Before Emkaef Aum LinAa~ forms a barrier that impedes access of our awareness to the higher dimensions beyond the 6th dimension. After Emkaef, Aum LinAa~, blooms and develops spiritually to allow the mystic access to the higher dimensions up to the 10th Dimension. The masculine pingala nadi's final destination is Aum LinAa~ and for Aum LinAa~ to open to the higher dimensions kundalini has to cross through the barrier of this chakra to attain Emkaef. In MaMaDeeShum the Seventh Dimension is EeLeeMingShum.



The Eight Dimension

8th Dimension of Shum-SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Innerverse. The Eight Dimension, SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the realm of the soul. This dimension can only be experienced after having attained Emkaef. The Eight Dimension and beyond it are the above-the-head dimensions, where an adept mystic will feel the existence of his being extending beyond the crown of the head. Shum meditations that reach the this dimension are for advances Shum meditatiors and it focuses on practices to transmute energies from the physical body back to its spiritual origins to build the meditators soul body. 

After Emkaef the Shumef goal of life is the growth of the soul body. The process of spiritual evolution is detailed in Shumef and SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is center stage for the final part of this development. Shum meditations of this dimension are practices that involve yogic exercises and breathing with the goal of transforming physical and astral energies to spiritual energy to feed the growing soul body.  In a sense SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is a womb of the growing soul body. This process begins with the blooming of the Seventh Chakra and as this chakra grows and the soul body starts growing the Eight Chakra is felt as a force pushing against the top of the head, as if someone were standing on the head. 

As the soul body grows in SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. the being of the soul becomes more and more apparent to the mystic. All the goals of meditation that were once challenges on the spiritual path become second nature to the mystic in SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm., even meditating becomes as effortless as thinking. When a mystic can experience this dimension he is always only a hair's breath away from his spiritually enlightened state no matter what he has to do or get involved in with in the Universe and this becomes his strength. The unceasing cycle of creation, preservation and destruction that hounds life in the Universe loose its grip on this adept mystic of the Eight Dimension and gradually his sense of being moves from his personality (or ego) centered around his physical body to the silent peacefullness of the soul body. 

The spiritual portal of SimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the 8th dimensional image-portrait Mm Aum LinAa~. This chakra is part of the 7th chakra's  (Aum LinAa~) 1000-petaled-complex. Only kundalini shakti can traverse from Aum LinAa~ and beyond. Shum portraits of this dimension are about soulful and soul-being experiences. Transmutation practices that fueled the attainment of Emkaef now feeds the growth of the soul body through Mm Aum LinAa~.


The 9th Dimension

9th Dimension of Shum-UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm.

The Innerverse. The Ninth Dimension, UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the realm of the spiritual masters, the rishis. This dimension is accessed only after the soul body has sufficiently grown in the Eight Dimension. Here the identity of our soul as a unique person unrelated to its identity in the Universe–the body and mind–is established. We carry this identity beyond the death of the physical body to a span of existence as a spiritual being whose life-cycle can best be described as close to an eternity. This is also the causal realm of innovation and creation where the rishis and other beings of this dimension work with causal elements of creation. Worlds are created through this dimension.

UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is a dimension where we can discover our abilities as a soul. Our soul is given its name here and we can devise our spirtual-home-space and even the many ways we can choose to appear. Very few who are embodied in the Universe make it to the this dimension while alive. Most gain access to the Ninth Dimension as part of their spiritual evolution after release from the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm is as heavenly as it gets. You breath in pure spiritual energy and express inspiration. 

In this dimension one can also witness the grand overview of existence. Cycles of karma from global to an individual person's can be researched in this dimension. These cycles of karma can also be manipulated by the masters in this realm by accelerating or relieving karmas. There are Shum meditations that begin from the 5th Dimension that allow for meditators to supplicate to the rishis of UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. . Some of these meditation techniques can be used generally by beginner meditators and while more specific meditations need to be devised by ones guru for specific reliefs or bring about certain outcomes. 

The spiritual portal of UngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the 9th dimensional image-portrait Oo Aum LinAa~. This chakra is also part of the 7th chakra's  (Aum LinAa~) 1000-petaled-complex like the chakra preceeding it. While the soul body is developing in the 8th Chakra one may occasionally have access to 9th Dimension through Oo Aum LinAa~ and enjoy its sublime spaces, vibration and lights. After Emkaef, this chakra is occasionally felt like a long straight stem filled with spiritual energy that rises from the crown of the head.


The 10th Dimension

10th Dimension of Shum-SeeUngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm

The 10th Dimension, SeeUngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is the realm of the Gods or Deities. As embodied souls we only have partial access to this dimension. Here time and space exists as elements and it is also the beginning of the Multiverse. Shum words except for Emkaef can have a maximum dimension count of 10. 

This dimension is the abode of the Gods. The most spiritual beings convene to share vibration and inspiration and provide energy for blessings from this dimension. Temples and spiritual spaces on Earth are represented in this place as portals for the Gods to send forth their blessings. Embodied souls who can access this dimension have only partial access as the other part of SeeUngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is of the Multiverse where it deals with elemental time. The Shum words that reach the 10th Dimension are various spatial experiences of silence and vibrations that generate harmonious and pleasing hums that seem to reverberate throughout Creation.

The spiritual portal of SeeUngSimKa.LeeEeTyay.TiiJa.Rehm. is Aaa Aum LinAa~. It is also part of the 7th Chakra Aum LinAa~. This chakra is only accessed by mystics of the myths, for even the advanced Shum meditator experiencing the 10th Dimension happens occasionally often during days where the astrology creates conducive spiritual alignments between the Innvervese and the Universe. 

The 11th to 14th Dimensions
The Multiverse. These dimensions hold the apex of all Creation, not just of our known world but that of others. They are only accessed by enlightened masters after shedding their body through its death or by placing it in suspended animation. What we can access of these dimensions lies in the 14th Dimension–Emkaef, The Self. The experience of the Self occurs in the shortest of instances as my guru explained to me and corroborated by my experience of it–in one fortieth of a second. The specialised discipline of continually accessing Emkaef confers full enlightenment which in turn frees us from the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. After that the Multiverse of these dimensions becomes our life. The Tyaef language is connected to these dimensions which apart from Emkaef lies beyond the scope of Shum Sanctuary.

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