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Shum.tyam is a Rehnadee Shum greeting.


Shum.tyam is a general greeting in Rehnadee Shum. It is used amongst Shum meditators to greet each other when they meet and part ways. In other words it can be a hello, hi, good morning, good day, welcome, goodbye, good night or farewell. Shum.tyam is a 4th Dimension Image-Portrait. This means Shum.tyam emanates from the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra. Any common hand gesture used for greeting can be used with Shum.tyam. Palms pressed together, right hand to the heart or even a handshake can accompany Shum.tyam . 

Shum.tyam is also used as a blessing for beginning new endeavours and wishing the best possible outcome for the receiver. This blessing is given through a Shum Meditation, the Shum.tyam Shumnam. This meditation involves packaging good feelings represented by the colours of the rainbow and sending it to the receiver through Fourth Dimensional space. 

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