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Shumsuh-Rehnadee Shum's Culture of Meditation

Shummef, The Shum Perspective focuses on life's spiritual purpose. From Shummef arises the Shum language, a language for meditation, through which the spiritual goals that Shummef espouses are are fulfilled. The practice of Shum meditation is encased in The Culture of Meditation, Shumsuh. Shumsuh is a 6th dimension Image-Portrait that contains the elements that make up the The Culture of Meditation.

The Culture of Meditation is an innovation of Rehnadee Shum. This culture is about the practice of meditation, it does not dictate lifestyle choices, instead its focus is on the evolution of a mystic on the Path of Enlightenment. Rehnadee Shum's Shumsuh can be adapted to meditators' lifestyle or religion as long as the meditator can establish harmony with their mystical goals on the Path of Enlightenment and their personal beliefs.

The first meditation map of Shumsuh provides an overview of the The Culture of Meditation. You will notice that in the first Shumsuh meditation map there are three main elements in The Culture of Meditation. The first element is LeeEeSee which is a Shum Portrait that contains the preparation for meditation. The second element is the Image Portrait Shummnam which is Rehnadee Shum's Dynamic Meditation–the actual practice of meditation. The third element is a Shum Portrait for a Shum Diary.


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Guhanatha Swami is the Founder of Shum Sanctuary and the principal author of the site's content. His spiritual journey led him to the creation Shum Sanctuary as a means of sharing the Path of Enlightenment with the world. You can connect with him through Shum Sanctuary's contact page. His spiritual journey that led him to his guru and his subsequent introduction to the Shum language is chronicled in the the following article: How A Language Inspired My Spiritual Journey.

Meditation is time for you to be with yourself.