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Shummef-The Shum Perspective
Shummef is the Shum Perspective.

The mystic mind is an universe to be explored and this is at the heart of Rehnadee Shum. Shum meditations are explorations that enrich us with our soulfulness and open us to a world beyond the confines of the five senses. As with any exploration what one needs to start is a map and a mode of transport. Shum is by its very nature a language written as maps–meditation maps and with it comes an unique mode of transport–Shummef–the Shum Perspective. Shummef is the vehicle or portal that we use to explore the mystic universe–The Innerverse.  

Shummef, The Shum Perspective

Shummef arises from three foundational truths of Rehnadee Shum. These three truths are as follows:

  1. There is One Mind and it is organised into 14 dimensions. SuhSemfNaKaee~ Shummef~
  2. 'I' in Shummef is a pure being of consciousness that is taintless and evolves spiritually. Na'am~ Shummef~
  3. Shum meditations are dynamic and they cause spiritual evolution. ShumNamm~ Shummef~ 

SuhSemfNaKaee Shummef
There is One Mind and it is organised into 14 dimensions.

I learned from my guru that everything–the entire universe, our world, our life–is of The Mind. He would say, "Everything is The Mind." 'The Mind' is organised into 14 dimensions in Rehnadee Shum. The word SuhSemfNaKaee repacks these 14 dimensions into three planes of existence–The Universe, The Innerverse and The Multiverse. 

The Universe is simply the world around us–family, friends, nation, things, animals, plants, environment, planet, etc. In the Shum dimensions the Universe spans the first five dimensions. All the languages of the world relate to the Universe. The Innerverse is the universe of our mind–our thoughts, feelings, inspirations, fears, deductions, opinions and spiritual experiences. The Innerverse spans from the Third Dimension to the Tenth Dimension. The Shum language was created to comprehend and experience this realm, especially the vast mystic realms that are beyond the scope of other languages. The Multiverse is beyond even the Shum language–it is the realm of Creation forces–pure time, pure space, pure energy. The Multiverse spans from the 11th to the 14th Dimension.

The 'One Mind' refers to the attributes and experiences that is common to all of us through our body, mind and spirit. Though each of us is unique we all have the same organs in our body and while our experiences in life vary from each other ad infinitum we can concur through the commonality of experience to establish reality. The languages of the world help us communicate and manage this reality of the Universe.

We also share attributes and experiences of the Innerverse but from the perspective of Earth's languages its reality is only partially established. For instance we can agree on the reality of emotions like happiness, love, anger, sadness, peacefulness. This also includes the area of the Innerverse where we are free with our imagination, inspiration is developed, will is forged, devotion is cultivated, hope is held. Like so the Shum Language seeks to establish the reality of the Innerverse that contains the world of our spirit where lies the subtle and sublime experiences and feelings of divinity and mystic experiences. Here the Shum language comes into its own. Where other languages can only manage through opaque allegory or poems, the Shum language's structure and syntax allow us to discover the attributes of the Innerverse and explore it. Using Shum we can we can establish the reality of the Innerverse through concurrance. The Innerverse spans from the Third Dimension to the Tenth Dimension of Shum.  

The Multiverse is also part of the 'OneMind,' however our ability to explore this part of Creation is inhibited by our dense physical being but for one experience–the ultimate goal of Shum meditation, Emkaeef, that is experienced in the 14th Dimension. The Multiverse is about life after our earthly soujourn.  

Na'amm Shummef 

'I' in Shummef is a pure being of consciousness that is taintless and evolves spiritually.

The question of I –'Who am I?' is often at the apex of meditative inquiry. When our physical self begins to rent asunder its grip on our  sense of being the intrigue of self-discovery begins. "What happens after death? Do I still exist?" Shummef gives direct answers to these primordial questons and provides us the path of self-discovery through Shum meditations. 

My guru taught me that in Shum, who we are is awareness in its purest form. In RehNaDee Shum pure awareness is Na'amm. The truth of Na'amm~ Shummef~ is the knowledge of how Na'amm integrates with our being and generates life thus giving rise to our personality. Na'amm~ Shummef~ also lays out the path of spiritual evolution of Na'amm on Earth and also after we are released from the mortal coil.

In RehNaDee Shum as Na'amm we can liken ourselves to potent balls of awareness that has the potential to move freely around the 14 Dimensions. To achieve this freedom Na'amm must go through spiritual evolution for which life on Earth is necessary. Na'amm's inherent nature is that it is ever pure, indestructible, bound by the law of karma and reincarnation, and inherently desires to evolve spiritually. 

Na'amm is within all of us. Without Na'amm our body cannot live. However Na'amm, which is our awareness in its purest form is so well infused into our inner and outer personality that its pure nature isn't apparent to us most of the time. In RehNaDee Shum I've coined the word 'I-ness' to understand how Na'amm influences and is influenced by our sense-of-I. In RehNaDee Shum there are four states of I-ness as follows:

  1. The Assertive-I which identifies with ones physical being is Nam in Rehnadee Shum.
  2. The Affirmative-I which identifies with ones inner personality is Na'a in Rehnadee Shum.
  3. The Sense-of-I, also known as the Witness-I is pure awareness and Na'amm in Rehnadee Shum.
  4. The I-less-I, which identifies itself with ones being as the soul that develops post enlightenment is VaNa'amm in Rehnadee Shum.

The Truth of Na'amm~ Shumef~ provides the path of spiritual evolution that involves the transmigration of Na'amm from life to life. Na'amm itself is pure and cannot be tainted, however it does mature through three stages of spiritual growth. The first stage is when Na'am identifies itself fully with Nam and Na'a and has no awareness of itself. In this stage Na'amm cannot comprehend its true nature and accepts Nam and Na'a as itself. The second stage begins when Na'amm starts to become aware of its pure nature and follows a path of spiritual discovery that leads to Emkaeef. If you feel drawn to the Shum language you are at this stage. The third stage entails the growth of the soul body and development of Na'amm's spiritual personality. This happens after Emkaeef is attained and Na'amm matures into Vana'amm. This path of spiritual evolution through the practice of Shum meditations is explained in greater detail in Rehnadee Shum's Story of Awareness, VaNa'ammNa'ammNa'aNam~. 

Shumnam Shummef

Shum meditations are dynamic and they cause spiritual evolution. 

As explained in Na'amm~ Shummef~ Shum meditations works on the sense-of-I with the ultimate goal of guiding the meditator to the highest level of spritual maturity. This entails the refinement of the sense-of-I from its basic sense as a physical being to becoming a spiritual being who is free from the cycle of reincarnation and can live as a soul within the Innerverse and the Multiverse. This brings us to the third truth of the Shum language Shumnam~ Shummef~.

Central to the The Story of Awareness are Shum meditations–Shumnam and Shum meditation maps. Every Shumnam is a meditation map with a designated goal. At the Aspirant Level there are basic goals that train us to identify and develop different skills in the mind such as the ability to visualise, to manage thoughts and feelings, to build willpower and so forth. We learn to identify Nam and Na'a and learn techniques to identify Na'amm. As one progresses into the Mystic Level, meditations are personalised with goals that advance progressively into the higher dimensions of the Innerverse until the goal of Emkaeef is attained and established. Progressing further yet is the Enlightened Level where as an advanced mystic one can roam the Innerverse and discover places and experiences and create new Shum words. In this level one does meditation exercises that grow a soul body around Na'amm which forms an unique spiritual identity for the Shum master as a soul that is free from the cycle of reincarnation even if still embodied in the physical body. 

Through these stepped levels of Shumnam which are designed around the Story of Awareness a meditator can move progressively into ever deeper levels of mystic ability to find fulfillment in his or her spiritual destiny. This is the dynamism of Shumnams. Every Shum meditator is provided a nuaunced goal to develop their mystic ability gradually. When a meditation map with its goal is successfully completed the next map comes into play. Following this path of collecting meditation maps develops the meditators personal Story of Awarness where the meditator is able to tangibly assess spritual progress and maturity.  

These three truths of Shummef espouses a culture of meditation. Shummef provides the perspective that enlivens Rehnadee Shum to be spiritually effective as a language for meditation. 

Shummef Meditation Map

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